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About this web-site

Welcome to my website on famous Irish scientists. I am a student currently doing a MSc in Science Communication in Dublin City University (DCU). As part of my course, I am doing a thesis on some aspect of science communication. For this, I have chosen to create a website about some of Ireland's famous and unique scientists. Obviously, I could not include them all as there are too many, so, I chose ten past scientists, whom I felt had led unusual or interesting lifestyles, in carrying out their quest for scientific truth.

Some of these scientists were rebels in their time, choosing to study science, when it went against societal norms, or was extremely difficult to do so. Others had to face up to and overcome personal physical handicaps, such as blindness, to accomplish their dreams.

I have put together a list of Irish scientists ,whose lives tell an interesting story. So, just click on the scientist whose achievements, works or lifestyle you wish to find out about.




List of Irish scientists



Picture of gases in spaceWilliam Rowan Hamilton

Picture of moleculesKathleen Yardley Lonsdale

Picture of a 
stormRichard Kirwan

Picture of flowersEllen Hutchins

Picture of 
ozone gasJohn Tyndall

Picture of chemistry experimentLord Kelvin

Picture of botanist's instrumentsCynthia Longfield

Picture of animals Mary Ward

Picture of wavesFrancis Beaufort

Picture of human headAlexander Mitchell